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    Guild Rules

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    Guild Rules

    Post  Luke on Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:37 pm

    Below are the rules that all Guild members must follow. Not following these rules can result in a permanent removal from the Guild.

    In-Game Rules
    No spamming in Guild chat.
    No begging for gold or items. Asking for HELP and begging are two different things.
    No asking to be promoted, this will result in an immediate demotion, and kick from Guild if your a "New Member".
    You are allowed to say anything you would like in Guild chat, but if another member says it offends them, do not continue saying it.
    No scamming or flaming other Guild members.
    Respect ALL members.
    Do not bash people for being new to things (such as an instance, etc). Help them out and explain to them what to do, instead of yelling at them.

    Forum Rules
    No double posting.
    When making a post, make it constructive and actually be about something. Not just random spam.
    When making a reply, there must be at least 1 word in it. Do not just reply with a smiley or "lol".
    No adult content. (Pornography, sexual content, etc)
    No flaming or bashing people.
    Be kind and respect EVERYONE on the forum.

    All of these rules are subject to change at any time, it's your duty to make sure you know all the latest rules.

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