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    Simple suggestion.


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    Simple suggestion.

    Post  Wolfgann on Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:50 pm

    Why don't we stay active at Neverendless-WoW Forums instead of here? We can even create a public, moderated or invite-only "guild subforum" inside it. There are way more people for us to help there (and consequently attract to the guild), and our members would do better asking their questions there as they would receive different opinions from much more people, and potentially even more experienced people than they'd get here. Also, the actual name of the guild as of now is Vengeance, which differs from the forum name making it look like a spelling mistake. In addition, the guild would have way more potential to grow there and it's easier for members to access those forums rather than these. We could have our guild-related discussions in our "guild subforum", and post general discussions, off-topic, etcetera in the appropriate forum sections of the Neverendless-WoW Forums. I can't find a reason of why we should stay somewhat "secluded" in here. We should be as open as possible to new members, and sticking to the Private Server forum's itself is better in my opinion rather than having a small forum separated from it. I'd understand if the guild had a separate Guild Site, but I don't think that is or would be the case as it is a private server after all. We don't need it, not for now at least. We'd be better off at the "official" server forums. If the guild in the future gets to such proportion that it'd need a "official" site, then hey, we should try getting together a whole site by then, with news and whatever else we can put there, as well as a forums board.

    What are your opinions regarding this? I'd appreciate if you post elaborate replies.

    Notice I do not know how exactly the "guild subforum" there works, so we'd need to test it first.

    Just a suggestion. :D

    P.S.: I'm raphaell666 there.

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